Research on Human Mocap Data Classification

The increasing demand for rendering smooth and plausible 3D motion is fueling the development of motion capture (mocap) systems. This new format of high quality 3D motion data has paved its way into animation movies, high-end computer games, biomechanics and robotics (see the accompanying photo from [1]). Diverse applications and the rapid development of mocap systems have resulted in a large corpus of data in recent years. Automatic classification of the mocap data is essential for various database management tasks such as segmentation, indexing and retrieval.

Mr. Harshad Kadu, a MCL PhD student, and Professor C.-C. Jay Kuo recently proposed a new framework to tackle the human mocap data classification problem using novel spatial/temporal feature representations, machine learning and decision fusion concepts. The proposed solution methods are tested on a wide variety of sequences from the CMU mocap database, and a correct classification rate of 99.6% is achieved, which is the state-of-the-art technique in the field. This work has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Trans. on Multimedia.


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Interview with new MCL member Junting Zhang

In 2014 Fall semester, Junting Zhang becomes a new master student in MCLab. She received the B.S. degree in Communication Engineering from Xiamen University in 2014. Now we have an interview with her, talking about her background and her thoughts on USC and MCLab.


What were your first impression of USC and MCLab?

USC is famous for its culture diversity and top-notch academic achievements, and it is almost my dream school. I came from Xiamen University, which is also located in a coastal city, so I cannot help comparing these two universities. They both have charming campus landscapes and rich resources, but USC is more idyllic. I found adorable squirrels running through the crowd. During the welcome week, everybody kept saying the slogan “Fight on, Trojans! “, which really cheered me up. I am looking forward to starting a brand new journey here.

As for MCL, Professor Kuo and senior students are really nice and warm-hearted. They make MCL like a home for me. They also helped me a lot to adapt to the new environment, especially Yuzhuo and Xiaqing. I feel lucky to join this group. I have chatted with several group members.  Everyone is self-motivated and experienced in research. I am sure that I will gain tons of hands-on experience and make great friends here.


Could you briefly describe your previous research experience?

When I was an undergraduate student, I majored in communications. I took part in the National Innovation Training Program, working on haze removal for blurred images and surveillance videos. My undergraduate thesis is about LDPC codes decoding algorithm design and analysis over a partial response channel, which is the model of magnetic recording system.


What is your future expectation in MCLab?

My background matches MCL perfectly. [...]

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Interview with new MCL member Wei-Chih Hung

In 2014 Fall semester, Wei-Chih Hung will become a new Ph.D. student in MCLab. He received his B.S. and M.S. degree, both in electrical engineering, from the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan in 2011 and 2013, respectively. He arrived at USC one week ago, and now we have an interview with him, talking about his background and his thoughts on USC and MCLab.

What were your first impression of USC and MCLab?
USC definitely has a wonderful campus view. The buildings are beautiful and consistent in style. There are trees and grass yards everywhere, and of course I notice the famous fountains in the campus. After the first look on the USC campus, I am so excited that I can pursue my degree in this wonderful place.
As for MCLab, my first impression is that it is really like a big family. People in here are really friendly and willing to help as well as share their own experience, either in academy and living. I have received lots of help since I decided to join MCLab, especially from Professor Kuo, Brian and Joe.

Could you briefly describe your previous research experience?
In the last 2 years of my B.S. program, I was interested in various areas, such as wireless communication, machine learning, video coding, and computer graphics. Since my M.S. program, my research topic mainly focuses on wireless video transmission. I have worked on two projects on wireless video transmission. Both of them tried to adaptively improve video quality over wireless channel with different channel quality. But one tries to improve video quality with video codec parameter selection, and the other proposed a cross-layer video decoding algorithm, exploiting the natural information redundancy with video sequence.

What is [...]

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