USC Media Communications Lab

The USC Media Communications Lab, led by Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, is devoted to theoretical studies and practical applications of multimedia data processing, communication and networking technologies. Current research activities of the lab include: multimedia data compression, audiovisual content analysis, abstraction and management, graphic modelling and rendering, machine learning and computer vision. Our research work has contributed to international standards such as JPEG2000, MPEG- 4, MPEG-7, H.263++. The lab is also working on emerging interdisciplinary areas that apply information technologies to biological applications such as genome and protein sequence analysis and novel biomedical signal and image processing techniques.

There are about 30 PhD students and several post-doctoral research fellows/visiting scholars working in the lab. The lab has produced about 220 journal papers, 850 conference papers and 12 research monographs over the last 25 years. The alumni of the lab include 120 PhDs and 25 post-doctors. About one quarter of them work in academia and the rest in industrial research labs and companies. In addition to the government funding, the lab has a close tie with industrial companies and has received research grants from about 60 companies.