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An Interview with Students in Entrepreneurship Course

The short summer course on “Entrepreneurship” offered by Professor Kuo is coming to an end. In order to acquire some feedbacks, we had some random interviews with students who took the course this afternoon .

Xue Wang, a recently graduated PhD student from MCL, still hold an enormouse passion and persistency in attending this course. On her intuitive in taking this course, she said,  “This class lets me learn new things, and think in a different way. As a graduate student researcher, I might have been familiar with and accustomed to a fixed pattern or mode of studying and thinking, which may limit my horizon and lead to incomprehensive understanding of the world.” And the course surely benefits her a lot in enlightening the entrepreneurship in a whole different way: “This short course guides me to look into a different domain and opens my mind. It attracts me by exploring the story beneath that surface, for example, the story behind a successful product. Through the class, I also learn how an outstanding company builds the vision of the future on base of innovation, cooperation, and management, in order to keep it sticking out from the crowd of competitors. It is, viewed from other perspective, a part of the ‘story’ unknown to most clients, but of great value worth studying as being ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. “She said.

Along with the common MCL members in group, there is another “special” student , Chuqiao Xu, a summer internship student from Tsinghua University.

And the following are some short Q&A with her during the interview:

Why did you want to take this course?
“Because I want to know more about entrepreneurship and industry, I think the knowledge is really necessary.”

What’s the [...]

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Interview with Visiting Scholar Lina Jin

Lina Jin, a researcher of Department of Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, have been visiting Media Communication Lab since October 2013. She kindly took some time to share her research experience with us.

Could you talk about your research interest?

My research interests mainly focus on image and video quality metrics, human vision modeling, stereoscopic video quality metrics, perceptual image coding, image enhancement and super resolution.  Modern image and video system typically consist of several processing stages, such as acquisition, compression, storage, transmission, enhancement, and reproduction. In ach stage, noised might be introduced, resulting in a degradation of visual quality. Therefore, quality assessment plays an important role in the design or optimization for an image processing system. The objective quality assessment aims at automatically estimating input image or video quality and highly correlating to subjective judgment .To design an effective and efficient quality assessment algorithm, we need deeply understand how human visual system (HVS) perceives image quality and how these properties could be simulated. The research I am currently working on in MCL is related to quality assessment based image enhancement and super resolution for UHDTV.

Please share your thoughts about our lab.

It’s a great honor for me towork at MCL group with Prof. Kuo and group members. MCL is one of world famous labs in the field of multimedia.  Now, MCL group is conducting academic research on cutting-age topics, such as computer vision, machine learning, and image processing.

Every Friday, MCL group holds an academic seminar. During the seminar, Prof. Kuo shares his research experiences to thegroup members, and one of his studentsgives an one-hour high-quality presentation to share and discuss his or her recent research work with others. I am very enjoyed the seminar [...]

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MCLab Hosts Visiting Student from Tsinghua University

MCLab has a new summer intern student, Chuqiao (Joyce) Xu, from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Chuqiao is currently a third-year undergraduate student. She has come to the lab since July 1st, and Professor Kuo met with her and discussed about her research plan on last Tuesday. She will start to work on topics related to Face Recognition in the Wild and Google Glass. In addition, she has shown great interests in the short summer course on “Entrepreneurship” taught by Professor Kuo.

Let’s welcome Chuqiao to MCLab, and wish her a great summer intern experience with us.

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