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Entrepreneurship presentation by Siyang Li

The monthly event, MCL entrepreneurship presentation, continued this week. Siyang Li gave a case study on Oculus, a company focusing on virtual reality. Oculus was founded in 2012, and was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for 2 billion dollars. It features two products at present; both are portable virtual reality display devices. Samsung Gear VR was released this year and Oculus Rift will be released in early 2016.

Siyang briefly explained the concept virtual reality at the beginning and then introduced the co-founders. The fact that the idea to establish a virtual reality technology ­company was brought up by a 20-year-old man, Palmer Luckey, surprised the audience. Then some details of the two products were shown in demo videos. At the end, Siyang emphasized that the solid technology and large market were the key to the success of Oculus. After the presentation, some MCL fellow students commented that a huge transition in game industry is on the way.

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    Dr. Jonghye Woo (an MCL alumnus) promoted to Assistant Professor

Dr. Jonghye Woo (an MCL alumnus) promoted to Assistant Professor

Dr. Jonghye Woo, an MCL alumnus, was recently promoted to Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. Congratulations!

Dr. Woo graduated from MCL in 2009. He became a research associate at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 2010 and joined University of Maryland and John Hopkins University as post-doc in 2012. After that he became a faculty member at MGH/Harvard. His research interests lie in medical imaging, particularly multimodal MRI analysis of speech, cardiac/tongue motion modeling and analysis, etc.

Talking about his career path, he thinks it was deeply influenced by his PhD journey, during which he was advised by Prof. Kuo and met several well-known people in the field of medical imaging. Recalling the days in MCL, he felt thankful that he joined the large MCL group, where he interacted a lot with his fellows from various sub-groups. Those experiences are helpful because communication skills are crucial to start career in academia.

Dr. Woo also gave several suggestions to those who want to pursue success in academia. To become a researcher, one needs to be highly motivated and always keeps a clear goal. Humbleness is another important characteristic, which makes one open to different ideas and collaboration with other researchers. The last characteristic he emphasized is persistence. Research is challenging and persistence helps one endure the inevitable struggling.

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Entrepreneurship presentation by Hao Xu

The MCL has many alumni that has started their own successful businesses. In order to better prepare the students for the future challenges, MCL director Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo initiates a monthly event to let one student study a company and present the company to the fellow lab mates. For this month, MCL Phd student, Hao Xu, studied Palantir, a private American software and services company, specializing in data analysis. Founded in 2004, Palantir’s original clients were federal agencies of the United States Intelligence Community. It has since expanded its customer base to serve state and local governments, as well as private companies in the financial and healthcare industries.
In Hao’s presentation, he introduced Palantir’s  two software projects, the Gotham and the Metropolis. Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community and United States Department of Defense, fraud investigators at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, and cyber analysts at Information Warfare Monitor (responsible for the GhostNet and the Shadow Network investigation). Palantir Metropolis is used by hedge funds, banks, and financial services firms.

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Interview with new MCL member Ye Wang

MCL has a new PhD student, Ye Wang, in Fall 2015. Let’s give him a warm welcome!

Ye received M.S. degree from Peking University and B.S. degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2014 and 2011, respectively. He joined MCL to pursue his PhD degree in Fall 2015. We had a briefly interview with him.


1. Could you briefly introduce yourself? (Previous research experience, project experience, research interest and expertise)

My previous research field focuses on semiconductor fabrication and test, especially in GaN enhancement mode MOSFET. In 2012 I had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a 3-year project in ‘National Science and Technology Major Project 02’. In the meantime, I published two IEEE journal papers and three top conference papers as well as an invited conference paper.

Since arriving at USC, I have heard more and more about computer vision and machine learning, which are always my keen interest that I haven’t got chances to learn before. Therefore I really appreciate Prof. Kuo for giving me this opportunity to study in MCL and explore more in this exciting area.


2.What’s your first impression of USC and MCL?

USC has a beautiful campus, and Trojans are like a big family with great diversity. Since MCL is a very large group, I was curious about how Prof. Kuo could guide so many students.

However, when I became a member of this group, I finally understand the way Prof. Kuo inspires the students and how they all work together closely and efficiently. Moreover, their passion for research, self-discipline and sound knowledge in this field make me feel really lucky to join MCL.


3. What’s your future expectation for MCL?

To tell the truth, I am completely new to computer vision and machine learning. I feel really [...]

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