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Interview with MCL member Chunyang Xia

MCL has a new Master’s student, Chunyang Xia, in Spring 2016. Let’s give him a warm welcome! Here is a briefly interview with him.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself? (Previous research experience, project experience, research interest and expertise)
I graduated from Tongji University in 2013 (2009-2013) with CS BS and received CS MS at USC in Dec. 2015. Lots of researches and projects I have done are related to Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Big Data, HPC, NLP ,and so on. My graduation project at Tongji University is a video retrieval system on near duplicate video, which will retrieve partial similar videos back given a query.

2. What’s your first impression of USC and MCL?
USC is a great University. We have faculties and students with high passion and motivation. We are encouraged to seek our interested projects to work on. Team work in projects also is a great experience for students and we can benefit a lot, not only the academic experience. MCL is a great lab at USC. There are lots of nice people working together. People work close to each other and share experience and finding in research.

3. What’s your future expectation for MCL?
As I work in a research lab, My current goal in MCL is fighting for the submission of ACCV, as well as supporting other people on my team.

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    Congratulations to Prof. Kuo for receiving 2016 USC Associates Award of Excellence in Teaching

Congratulations to Prof. Kuo for receiving 2016 USC Associates Award of Excellence in Teaching

Congratulations to Professor C.-C. Jay Kuo, MCL Director, for receiving the USC Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching at the 35th Annual Academic Honors Convocation held in on April 12, 2016, in Town and Gown. The citation for Professor Kuo’s achievements in winning the award is repeated below.

“C.-C. Jay Kuo evinces all of the hallmarks of a truly exceptional teacher—an enlivening passion for his work, a genuine interest in seeing others succeed, and a powerful rapport with his students. His friendly, enthusiastic teaching style, and deep knowledge of signal, media, and information processing theory and applications, make his courses some of the most popular in the electrical engineering program. He regularly draws more than 100 graduate students for these courses, usually in multiple sections.

Professor Kuo emphasizes problem solving through hands‐on experience, enabling his students to combine mathematical theory and computational algorithms with real-world applications. His extraordinary reputation is tantamount to his many achievements as a scholar and researcher. He is the author or co‐author of more than 1,000 published papers and a dozen books.

During his 25 years as a member of the USC faculty, Professor Kuo has advised 125 Ph.D. students and supervised more than two dozen post‐doctoral fellows, ranking him first among the top 50 advisors in the Mathematics Genealogy Project, which compiles information on prominent mathematicians across the world. Several former students have earned important research or leadership positions in academia and the engineering industries. Their successes speak volumes about the long-lasting and powerful impact of Professor Kuo’s superb mentorship.

For his unparalleled expertise in the field of engineering, and the profound wisdom and generosity he brings to his work as an educator, the University of Southern California is proud to honor Professor [...]

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Congratulations to Jian Li for Summer Internship at Apple

Jian Li, a PhD student in MCLab, recently obtained an internship offer from Apple. Congratulations! We have an interview with him about internship hunting.

1.  How does the study in USC and MCL help you?

My study at USC especially in MCL helps me a lot in varieties of aspects. First, my capability of solving problems is enhanced by the research experience in MCL. We learn about the state-of-the-art algorithms, have brainstorm, and discuss logically almost everyday in our lab. Professor’s feedback and interaction with group members help us to explore the fundamental challenging of a problem and the way to think in deep. Second, my programming skills are sharpened through the research projects. We have great emphasize on coding style in order to deliver easily understandable programming. This experience attracts the industrial people’s interest since it shows that we can not only think in theoretically, but also implement ideas in details. Third, we are trained with teamwork spirit in our lab. The MCL organization composed of sub-groups benefits us to work together in a much efficient way. Knowing how to communicate with people, what to learn from others and how to collaborate will be a treasure for our future career.

2. What makes you stand out among other candidates applying for the same position?
I feel that broaden computer vision knowledge and good oral presentation are the key points. There are many group members in MCL and the variety of topics cover many research fields. Therefore, we have the chance to learn different technologies in different areas through our group seminar sharing. This indeed serves us as a broaden knowledge pool so that our members have richer capability. On the other hand, the group seminar makes everyone have the opportunity to present our own research [...]

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    Congratulations to Siyang Li for Summer Internship at Google

Congratulations to Siyang Li for Summer Internship at Google

Siyang Li, a PhD student in MCLab, obtained an intern offer from Google. Congratulations! We have an interview with her about internship hunting.

What is the normal intern hiring procedure and how did you prepare for it?

For internship in big tech companies, usually we can apply online or through internal referral. If the resume review goes well, we can proceed to phone interviews, solving some programming problems. That definitely requires a lot of practice. I spent several months on it last year. After passing the phone interviews, there are team matching interviews and we need to find out the most suitable team to work with. Good communication skills would help. Sometimes, you have to go through several matching interviews before getting an offer.
I did an intern last year at Google and this year I get a returning offer, which is a lot easier as long as one performs well in previous interns.

How was it like working at Google?

My colleagues were quite helpful. My host was always happy to answer any question and I did ask a lot. The working environment was also quite relaxing. You can get free meals and snacks every day. There are also gyms and video game rooms. Now those facilities become a standard in software industry but I think it was Google who started it.

Any suggestions for your fellows?

I think PhD students should be careful about team matching when searching interns. Working on a project closely related the research topic would be an ideal situation; otherwise, it is better to think twice before accepting an offer. Of course, this strategy increases the risk of not getting an offer, so I would suggest starting intern hunting early. Starting early means more [...]

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