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Interview with new MCL member Wei-Chih Hung

In 2014 Fall semester, Wei-Chih Hung will become a new Ph.D. student in MCLab. He received his B.S. and M.S. degree, both in electrical engineering, from the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan in 2011 and 2013, respectively. He arrived at USC one week ago, and now we have an interview with him, talking about his background and his thoughts on USC and MCLab.

What were your first impression of USC and MCLab?
USC definitely has a wonderful campus view. The buildings are beautiful and consistent in style. There are trees and grass yards everywhere, and of course I notice the famous fountains in the campus. After the first look on the USC campus, I am so excited that I can pursue my degree in this wonderful place.
As for MCLab, my first impression is that it is really like a big family. People in here are really friendly and willing to help as well as share their own experience, either in academy and living. I have received lots of help since I decided to join MCLab, especially from Professor Kuo, Brian and Joe.

Could you briefly describe your previous research experience?
In the last 2 years of my B.S. program, I was interested in various areas, such as wireless communication, machine learning, video coding, and computer graphics. Since my M.S. program, my research topic mainly focuses on wireless video transmission. I have worked on two projects on wireless video transmission. Both of them tried to adaptively improve video quality over wireless channel with different channel quality. But one tries to improve video quality with video codec parameter selection, and the other proposed a cross-layer video decoding algorithm, exploiting the natural information redundancy with video sequence.

What is [...]

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Re-union Party of USC MCL Alumni in Taiwan with Prof. Kuo

On Thursday (08/14)evening, 17 USC MCL alumni in Taiwan had a re-union party with Prof. Kuo. The party was held in Gabriel Lin’s new house in Hsinchu. The attendees graduated from 1994 to 2011 including: Kwo-Jyr Wong (1994), Chun-Hsiung (Gene) Chuang (1994), Li-Chien Lin (1994), Yu-Chuan (Gabriel) Lin (1995), Houngjyh (Mike) Wang (1998), Huan Chen (2002), Chien-Hwa Hwang (2003), Po-Chyi Su (2003), Sau-Hsuan Wu (2003), Feng-Tsun Chien (2004), Shang-Ho (Lawrence) Tsai (2005), Pei-Kai Liao (2007), Chia-Chin (Kelvin) Chou (2007), Yu-Hao (Roger) Chang (2007), Chia-Chun (Alex) Hsu (2007), Yu-Jung (Ronald) Chang (2008), Peiying (Naco) Chiang (2011), Chung-Cheng (Roy) Lou (2011).

In this party, Prof. Kuo shared the recent situation about USC and MCL Lab. In addition, each member shared his/her working experience in recent years, and some funny and interesting things in the USC. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the happy atmosphere. This party ended late at 11:30pm.

Via the re-unions, the MCL alumni in Taiwan have built strong connections both in the industry and academia. To date, there are around 35 MCL alumni in Taiwan, working in diverse areas. Most of them are faculty members in prestige schools, some are senior engineers or high level managers in leading companies, and some are the founders of new companies. The MCL alumni keep making contributions to develop new technologies for Taiwan, and the world.

News written by Shang-Ho (Lawrence) Tsai

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Interview with new MCL member Siyang Li

MCLab has a new Ph.D student, Siyang Li. Let’s give Siyang a warm welcome! She received B.S. degree from the University of Hong Kong this June. She decided to join USC MCLab to pursue her Ph.D degree beginning from this Fall semester. She was interviewed by MCLab.

What were your first impression of USC and our lab?

USC has a large and beautiful campus. Viterbi School is really a big family and I have met a lot of new students during my first week here. The volunteers were so nice and helpful that I got the paperwork done easily.

MCLab is also a big family and the group mates are friendly and helpful. Yuzhuo helped with housing issues and Sudeng gave me information about academic work. I really appreciate that. Prof. Kuo emphasized teamwork in the first meeting, which I found impressive. I chatted with some group mates and I think we are going to take advantage of a large group – seeking advice from each other and exchanging ideas.

Could you talk about your research interest?

At present, I think I still keep an open mind in the field of computer vision. I would love to try different topics in the first few months and it is my honor to have Sudeng as my mentor. The starting point would be security enhancement in video surveillance. Currently video surveillance is mainly used for investigation after accidents. However, if the computer can automatically detect events such as fighting or shooting, and inform the security staff on time, accidents, especially fatalities may be prevented. Therefore, at the very beginning, I will mainly focus on the event detection and maybe we will build the database with the video provided by USC surveillance [...]

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    Three High School Students Accomplished Summer Internship in MCL

Three High School Students Accomplished Summer Internship in MCL

In Friday morning, three high school internship students gave their final presentations about Kinect project and the website they built during the web design mini course. Through the successful and impressive presentation, it also showed the fact that these students surely put a lot of efforts into their works.

One of their mentor, Weihao Gan said, “It was a great pleasure to work with Kaiwen and Harry on the Kinect project which was developed on C/C++ platform. Actually, besides the technique part, the more important thing they need to learn is how to generate an engineering product. During this process, they firstly thought about the idea and wrote the proposal, then followed the schedule to finish the work. They were all very hard-working and creative. We talked and discussed every week about the project, and I also learned a lot from this supervision experience. Again, I want to thank Kaiwen and Harry for working together and sharing an amazing summer time.”

In addition, after the presentation, their parents also brought homemade Chinese food and joined the group seminar to show their support. Group members all appreciated them very much. During the seminar, the summer interns also expressed their thanks to the whole team including Weihao Gan and Xin Zhang, who supervised them on the project; Brian Lan and Becky Qiu, who taught them in the web design mini course. They also appreciated Prof. Kuo for giving them this precious chance to come here and teaching them in Entrepreneurship mini course.

Congratulations on their achievement and well-done work!

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