In Friday morning, three high school internship students gave their final presentations about Kinect project and the website they built during the web design mini course. Through the successful and impressive presentation, it also showed the fact that these students surely put a lot of efforts into their works.

One of their mentor, Weihao Gan said, “It was a great pleasure to work with Kaiwen and Harry on the Kinect project which was developed on C/C++ platform. Actually, besides the technique part, the more important thing they need to learn is how to generate an engineering product. During this process, they firstly thought about the idea and wrote the proposal, then followed the schedule to finish the work. They were all very hard-working and creative. We talked and discussed every week about the project, and I also learned a lot from this supervision experience. Again, I want to thank Kaiwen and Harry for working together and sharing an amazing summer time.”

In addition, after the presentation, their parents also brought homemade Chinese food and joined the group seminar to show their support. Group members all appreciated them very much. During the seminar, the summer interns also expressed their thanks to the whole team including Weihao Gan and Xin Zhang, who supervised them on the project; Brian Lan and Becky Qiu, who taught them in the web design mini course. They also appreciated Prof. Kuo for giving them this precious chance to come here and teaching them in Entrepreneurship mini course.

Congratulations on their achievement and well-done work!