On Thursday (08/14)evening, 17 USC MCL alumni in Taiwan had a re-union party with Prof. Kuo. The party was held in Gabriel Lin’s new house in Hsinchu. The attendees graduated from 1994 to 2011 including: Kwo-Jyr Wong (1994), Chun-Hsiung (Gene) Chuang (1994), Li-Chien Lin (1994), Yu-Chuan (Gabriel) Lin (1995), Houngjyh (Mike) Wang (1998), Huan Chen (2002), Chien-Hwa Hwang (2003), Po-Chyi Su (2003), Sau-Hsuan Wu (2003), Feng-Tsun Chien (2004), Shang-Ho (Lawrence) Tsai (2005), Pei-Kai Liao (2007), Chia-Chin (Kelvin) Chou (2007), Yu-Hao (Roger) Chang (2007), Chia-Chun (Alex) Hsu (2007), Yu-Jung (Ronald) Chang (2008), Peiying (Naco) Chiang (2011), Chung-Cheng (Roy) Lou (2011).

In this party, Prof. Kuo shared the recent situation about USC and MCL Lab. In addition, each member shared his/her working experience in recent years, and some funny and interesting things in the USC. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the happy atmosphere. This party ended late at 11:30pm.

Via the re-unions, the MCL alumni in Taiwan have built strong connections both in the industry and academia. To date, there are around 35 MCL alumni in Taiwan, working in diverse areas. Most of them are faculty members in prestige schools, some are senior engineers or high level managers in leading companies, and some are the founders of new companies. The MCL alumni keep making contributions to develop new technologies for Taiwan, and the world.

News written by Shang-Ho (Lawrence) Tsai