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    Hyunsuk Ko Shared His Experience on PhD Study and Job Hunting

Hyunsuk Ko Shared His Experience on PhD Study and Job Hunting

Congratulations to Hyunsuk Ko, a current MCL member, for getting an offer from the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ERTI).ETRI is one of the best known Korean research labs in the area of information and communications technologies with international reputation and visibility. Hyunsuk has accepted the offer and will join the Department of “Realistic Broadcasting Media Research” as a senior researcher. He will conduct research on 3D/UHDTV broadcasting technology, high-efficiency/scalable video coding etc. in the next several years.

Hyunsuk said, “Most companies are actively hiring good candidates nowadays. There are more openings for software engineers than any other positions because giant IT companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. are leading the market. On the other hand, if you have an expertise in big data analysis, machine learning and computer vision, the chance to get a decent offer increases significantly, which means that MCL members do have a bright future.”

Hyunsuk got offers from Korean companies such as Samsung and LG and Korean national research lab, ETRI. He had interviews with US companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon as well. After pondering his future career between ETRI and these IT companies, Hyunsuk eventually decided to join ETRI to be an academic researcher rather than being an engineer. Besides, his research background fits the need of the ETRI team very well.

Looking backward on his PhD life, Hyunsuk said that his major growth came from the process of being trained as an independent researcher. Hyunsuk got his MS degree by working on H.264/AVC video coding only. In contrast, he conducted research on quite a few topics during his PhD years, such as 2D-to-3D conversion, HEVC-based 3D video, objective quality metric development for stereoscopic images, and other stereovision [...]

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MCL alumni shared successful start-up experience

Dr. Keith Chang and Dr. Chloe Dai both received their Ph.Ds in Electrical Engineering from USC in 2010 as members of MCL. They founded Southbay Technologies in 2012. Southbay is a post-production company with strong research and technology capability in entertainment industry, specializing in researching and applying latest algorithms including signal processing, machine vision, and fluid dynamics to entertainment industry. 3D stereo post production is the first application Southbay developed. Within just two and half years, Southbay has worked on numerous blockbuster films such as Luc Besson’s LUCY 3D. It is widely praised amongst industrial professionals and audience for its superior stereo quality ( ).

Dr. Chang and Dr. Dai visited MCL recently and shared their experience regarding startup both in US and China. Their talk focused on the business and finance aspects of the startup experience. As researchers and engineers themselves, their point of view on startup and its associated business matters can easily be appreciated by MCL students. Dr. Chang and Dr. Dai hope this talk will help prepare fellow MCL students who wish to become startup entrepreneurs in their future endeavors.

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Interview with Visiting Scholar Professor Songbin Li

In March 2015, MCLab has a new visiting scholar, Prof. Songbin Li. Prof. Li is Professor at Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science, China. We are glad to have an interview with him, talking about his previous research experiences and future expectations at USC.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself and describe your previous research experience?

I come from the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Before joining IOA in 2012, I received my Ph.D. from the National Network New Media Engineering Research Center (3NMedia), Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science in 2010 and then I worked as a post-doc in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University. My research focuses on multimedia signal processing especially on multimedia forensics and security, as well as steganography and steganalysis. I am also interested in creative technology related to network new media, such as computer animation and film special effects production technology.

2. What is your first impression of USC and MCLab?

USC is a world-famous university and the campus is very beautiful. USC is full of diversity, where students and faculties are from various countries and ethnic groups. As for MCLab, Prof. Kuo has, to a remarkable extent, a global reputation in multimedia technology area. Under his lead, the MCLab is vital and high-yielding of scientific papers. The students in MCLab are all very smart, enthusiastic and hard-working. I think they will make a difference in the future.

3. What is your future expectation and plan in MCLab? ​

I have several aims of my visit. First, I would like to join a certain subgroup related to steganography and steganalysis, aiming to make some contribution to MCLab. Second, I hope to continue the research [...]

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Welcome new lab assistant in MCLab – Yifang Chen

In 2015 Spring semester, Yifang Chen is our new lab assistant in MCLab. She is a freshman and shows strong curiosity about how academic research works. We have an interview with her, talking about herself and her thoughts on USC and MCLab.


1. What is your first impression of USC and MCLab?

USC is much better than I expect. Every EE professor here cares much about students, not only in academic aspect but also in professional and personal interest aspects. People here are passionate. Actually it is hard to be depressed in such bright sunshine. This kind of environment always encourages me to try as best as I can.

As for MCLab, I actually was nervous before emailing Professor Kuo and seeing Eddy and Joe. However, after that, I find that everyone is kind and willing to help me. I feel I am lucky and hope I can insist on working in the lab. And I believe working with these intelligent and helpful lab members will definitely benefit me a lot in my future academic endeavor.


2. What makes you want to know more about research?

When I attended IEEE at USC, I listened to some research presentations given by junior students – one was about signal and astronomy. Although I could not understand very well, I felt these researches were really fascinating, so they advised me to contact some professors.

To be honest, it is hard for an international student and freshman to start signal processing related study independently but I do want to challenge myself in this area, so I think maybe I could join a research group and prepare for my graduate study.


3. What do you want to learn from working with MCLab members?

I hope to get some hands-on experience because I know [...]

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