Dr. Keith Chang and Dr. Chloe Dai both received their Ph.Ds in Electrical Engineering from USC in 2010 as members of MCL. They founded Southbay Technologies in 2012. Southbay is a post-production company with strong research and technology capability in entertainment industry, specializing in researching and applying latest algorithms including signal processing, machine vision, and fluid dynamics to entertainment industry. 3D stereo post production is the first application Southbay developed. Within just two and half years, Southbay has worked on numerous blockbuster films such as Luc Besson’s LUCY 3D. It is widely praised amongst industrial professionals and audience for its superior stereo quality ( http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/taken-3-get-3d-theatrical-770603 ).

Dr. Chang and Dr. Dai visited MCL recently and shared their experience regarding startup both in US and China. Their talk focused on the business and finance aspects of the startup experience. As researchers and engineers themselves, their point of view on startup and its associated business matters can easily be appreciated by MCL students. Dr. Chang and Dr. Dai hope this talk will help prepare fellow MCL students who wish to become startup entrepreneurs in their future endeavors.