MCL-JCI: a new dataset about perceptual quality of image

MCL lab is proud to release a new dataset about compressed images. It consists of 50 source images with resolution 1920×1080 and 100 JPEG-coded images for each source image. More than 150 volunteers participated in the subjective test. Each individual set of compressed images was evaluated by 30 subjects in a controlled environment.

This dataset was proposed to challenge the traditional approaches to measure the quality of compressed image/video. Based on the characteristics of the Human Visual System (HVS), a Just Noticeable Difference (JND) framework was proposed to investigate the limitation of HVS on compressed images. It means to boost large-scale statistical study on human-perceived image quality as well as the future development of perceptual-based image/video coding standards.

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Professor Kuo Traveled to Many Asian Cities in December

MCL Director, Professor C.-C. Jay Kuo, has been traveling in Asia and attended a couple of events in the last three weeks. He visited 5 Asian cities, i.e., Singapore, Chengdu, Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong, in his trip. His activities include the delivery of three speeches: “Reflection on Image/Video Coding: Where Do We Go from Here?”, “Deep Learning: Hype or Hope?” and “Multimodal Image Retrieval in various conferences, campuses and company sites.

In particular, he attended the 10th International Conferences on Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS) held in Singapore (Dec. 2-4) and the 7th Annual Conference of the Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) held in Hong Kong (Dec. 16-19). His speeches were very well received.

One of his most enjoyable events was the re-union with MCL alumni in Taipei on Dec. 12.

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Internal Screening Exam-Programming 1/9/2014

Multimedia Communication Lab held the first internal screening exam – programming from 1/7/2014 to 1/9/2014. The exam includes three parts: written examination, oral examination and practical computer-based programming with languages limited in C/C++/Java/Python. As a complement of the official screening exam, this internal exam aims to enhance the programming ability of Ph.D candidates. Each test taker is supposed to accomplish a project within three days, including implementing a state-of-the-art algorithm on selected topic and submitting final report with detailed discussion about the project.

Three group members took the exam this year and congratulations to those who passed.

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    Media Communications Lab Open house in ViterbiEXPO 11/24/2013

Media Communications Lab Open house in ViterbiEXPO 11/24/2013

The Multimedia Communication Lab actively participated in Discover USC, an open house held for prospective students on November 24th. As one of the largest programs, MCL lab tour aimed at explaining our research and achievements to prospective students who might be interested. To make the tour more fascinating and easy to understand, interesting special effects filter, face warping videos, super resolution images, as well as 3D images and video clips were demonstrated. Many parents and students showed great interests in our research topics and asked a lot of questions during the tour.

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