Same with Zhenxia Zhou, Shanglin Yang survived the fierce interview last week with his outstanding performance in the test, as well as his solid background in academic research. Let us hear what he said about the internship in the coming summer.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself? (Previous research/project experience, research interest and expertise)

Hi, my name is Shanglin Yang, an EE master student at USC admitted in Fall 2014. I earned the Bachelor Degree of Engineering from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Although most of my previous learning and research experiences were subjected to hardware in my undergraduate study, I obtained a chance to learn about signal processing and image processing in the “Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Racing” project.

After that, I got involved in the project “Research and Design of Micro Four-Rotor Aircraft” and finished my graduation thesis titled “Investigation and Design of Innovation and Networking Platform of Electric Machines”. During the process, the charm of the dynamic image processing, data modeling and programing intrigued me so much that I changed my major to signal processing in my graduate study at USC.

Currently, I am also interested in AR system and have worked on several related projects under Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,

2. What was your first impression of USC and MCL?

USC has a great academic atmosphere for engineering study. She also has famous alumni in various fields, offering her students with significant resource and motivation to pursue higher goals. Challenges and opportunities coexist everywhere in this university.

I was impressed by the size of MCL at first, especially by the number of great projects finished in the past. It convinces me that the lab is highly productive and I am very pleasant to work with the smart and self-motivated researchers.

3. What drove you to join MCL?

I took EE669 instructed by Prof. Kuo this semester. From the course, I gained great knowledge about video coding, as well as various multimedia techniques. Also, I found the course projects very interesting, which urged me to take a further step in this filed to obtain hands-on experiences with the real-world problems. Thus, when I heard the intern position, I realized that this was a great opportunity and applied immediately.

4. What is your further expectation of being an MCL member?

I believe this summer will be a great treasure for me. I hope that I can build a stronger background in image processing, improve research skills and train my academic thinking, in order to tackle practical problems. I wish that I can make contribution to the group and enjoy the time with other labmates.