We are so happy to welcome a new graduate member, Yixing Wu, joining MCL this summer. Here is a quick interview with Yixing:

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself and your research interests?

My name is Yixing Wu. I am a graduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California. This summer, I joined MCL as an intern to work on a medical imaging processing project. My research interests include machine learning and image processing.

2. What is your impression about MCL and USC?

USC provides me with a great environment for my personal and academic growth. I learn a lot of useful techniques and skills from professors and students. The atmosphere at MCL is positive and collaborative. I am very grateful that I receive a lot of help from other members of MCL. Also, the weekly seminar where people share their research benefits me greatly.

3. What is your future expectation and plan in MCL?

This summer, I will work on the medical image processing project under the guidance of Professor Kuo. Looking forward, I expect to continue working in MCL and contribute to the development of the interpretable green learning framework in the future.