Chun-Ting Huang, a member of MCL, attended CVPR 2015 hosted in Boston from June 8th to 12th to present his work in Biometric Workshop. The conference was held in Hynes Convention Center, where researchers from all over the world gathered to present their state-of-the-art results. There were six oral sessions, five poster sessions, and two plenary talks given by Yann LeCun and Jack L. Gallant. Unlike last year, CVPR newly added CNN Architectures into this year’s oral session, showing that CNN has been widely recognized and accepted by computer vision society.

According to Chun-Ting, “there were thousands of attendees presented in this large-scale event, and many interesting ideas were brought up and discussed with different aspects. It is an amazing and fruitful experience to me. I believe every researcher who attended this event surely has learned more than he/she originally expected.”

Chun-Ting presented his work in Biometric Workshop, and his paper’s title was “TAEF: A Cross-Distance/Environment Face Recognition Method”. This system provides a cross-distance face alignment, a cross-environment face enhancement, and a two-stage coarse-to-fine approach to handle long distance faces. The performance of this method achieves 97% first rank accuracy on 150 meter visible-light images in the LDHF database.