1. Could you briefly introduce yourself and your research interests?

My name is Zhanxuan Mei, a graduate student of Electrical and Engineering at USC. I got my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology. I like playing goes, reading and traveling. After taking many courses in USC, I found my research interests in video compression and machine learning. I am very excited to do some research and projects about my interests in MCL.

  1. What is your impression about MCL and USC?

I like the beautiful campus and kindly people of USC. My life at USC was funny and everyday I spent was unforgettable. MCL is a big and effective community. Everyone is willing to help others and teamwork is important here. The weekly report and weekly meeting practice my writing and speaking skills and weekly seminar let me learn a lot.

  1. What is your future expectation and plan in MCL?

I will definitely work hard and stay hungry for my research and projects under supervision of professor and mentors. I will take advantage of the chance to improve my professional skills and explore more interesting topics. Helping and learning from other people is also important for me. I believe the experience in MCL will be valuable for my future.