Hong-Shuo Chen studied Johann Georg Büsch, the mathematician in MCL genealogy, and shared his study with MCL members in the pre-seminar sharing on November 14, 2022. Johann Georg Büsch was born on January 3, 1728, at Alten-Weding in Hanover and died on August 5, 1800, in Hamburg. He is a German mathematics teacher and writer on statistics and commerce. He is the 14th ancestor of Professor Kuo.

When he was three years old, he came to Hamburg with his parents. He studied at the Georg-August-University of Gottingen and the Martin Luther University of Halle Wittenberg. After he graduates, he becomes a mathematics professor in the Hamburg gymnasium. He wrote a lot of books related to commerce and political economy.  As a math teacher, he mentored and helped the young Johann Elert Bode, who later became a famous astronomer. Johann Elert Bode calculated the orbit of Uranus and recommended the planet’s name.

Johann Georg Büsch married Margarete Augusta Schwalb in 1759, and they had 5 sons and 5 daughters. Two sons became the merchant. He also owned a library of 3200 math books and some scientific instruments. Besides his contribution to math, he established an association for the promotion of art and industry and the foundation of a school of trade. Both of them became one of the most noted establishments of their class in the world under his direction. Before his death, Büsch was almost totally blind. However, he was still working effortlessly until the last day of his life.


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