The MCL Director, Prof. Jay Kuo, has recently been appointed as the Dean’s Professor in Electrical Engineering Systems in recognition of his outstanding academic achievements.

Prof. Kuo said, “This is a great honor by considering that there are so many outstanding faculty members in our Department. I appreciate very much the recognition by Dean Yortsos and the Dean’s Professor Selection Committee for what I have achieved in the last 25 years at USC. Actually, this honor should be shared by all alumni and current students in the Media Communications Lab since I would not be able to do much alone without the dedicated efforts of the whole team. It is my privilege to be able to work with so many talented PhD students.”

Besides scholarly publication, Prof. Kuo is most well-known for his two major contributions. First, Prof. Kuo has guided 120 students to their PhD degrees, which places him as the top advisor in the Mathematics Genealogy Project. Second, Prof. Kuo is tightly connected to the IT industry and has received about 150 funded research projects from 60+ industrial companies. His well-trained PhD students are extremely popular in the high tech industry.

Congratulation to Prof. Jay Kuo for this well-deserved honor!