ACM named 57 of its members ACM Fellows for wide-ranging and fundamental contributions in a wide range of disciplines related to computing in a press release issued on January 18, 2023.

MCL Director, Professor C.-C. Jay Kuo, was among the 57 Fellows of class 2022 for his contributions to technologies, applications, and mentorship in visual computing. Professor Kuo has been an influential and long-term leader in video technologies and applications for 30+ years, enduringly impacting both the academic and industry realms. He has made significant contributions to visual computing through industrial collaboration, standardization activities, and training of next-generation leaders. His lab at USC has contributed to collaborative sponsored projects from 70+ companies. He and his students have made key contributions adopted by international image and video coding standards. He has been granted 30 US patents. His video technologies have impacted people’s daily life from capturing or watching video with smartphones to viewing high-quality streamed video on large screens.

The ACM Fellows program recognizes the top 1% of ACM Members for their outstanding accomplishments in computing and information technology and excellent service to ACM and the larger computing community. Fellows are nominated by their peers and reviewed by a distinguished selection committee. Professor Kuo will go to San Francisco to attend the Fellow induction ceremony on June 10, 2023.