MCL Director, Professor C.-C. Jay Kuo, was elected as one of 19 Academia Sinica’s 33rd Academicians. The news was announced on July 7, 2022. Professor Kuo was cited for his contributions to the fields of “multimedia computing” and “data science and engineering”.

Academia Sinica means ’Chinese Academy’. Its Chinese name is 中央硏究院. It was founded in 1928 in Nanjing and relocated to in Nangang, Taipei, in 1949. It is the national academy of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Academia Sinica supports research activities in a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from mathematical & physical sciences, to life sciences, and to humanities and social sciences. As an educational institute, it provides PhD training and scholarship through its English-language Taiwan International Graduate Program.

Professor Kuo acknowledged MCL alumni for his achievements, saying that “This honor is not only a recognition of me but also the outstanding performance of MCL alumni all over the world.” Furthermore, Professor Kuo was thankful to the strong support of the University of Southern California, the Viterbi School of Engineering, and the Ming-Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the last three decades. He said, “Without the strongest support of the university, school and department, this would not happen at all.”