After a short stay in Athens for ICIP 2018, Professor Kuo flew to Israel and visited Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.  He delivered the Viterbi Special Guest Lecture titled with “Unveil Convolutional Neural Networks and Go Beyond” on October 11. The talk was very well received.

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology – is a public research university in Haifa, Israel. The university was established in 1912 during the Ottoman Empire, which was more than 35 years before the State of Israel. The Technion is the oldest university in Israel. It is ranked the best university in Israel and in the whole of the Middle East.

There is a close tie between USC and Technion through Dr. Andrew J. Viterbi. Dr. Viterbi received a Technion Honorary Doctorate in 2000. He has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Technion since then. Dr. Viterbi announced a $50 million gift to secure and enhance the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology’s leadership position in electrical and computer engineering in Israel and globally in 2015. He is a member of the Technion Board of Governors.

Professor Kuo said, “It was my great honor to have this opportunity to be a bridge between the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and the Technion Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It is very meaningful to have more interactions and faculty/student exchanges between these two world top universities.” Professor Kuo’s visit was sponsored by the Technion Rubiner/Viterbi Fund. He used the same office of Dr. Andrew Viterbi during his stay. Professor Kuo’s visit was hosted by Professor Josh Zeevi, who is a world renowned expert in vision and image sciences.