Dr. Seyoon Jeong, a principal researcher in Broadcasting and Telecommunications Media Research Laboratory of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), have been visiting Media Communications Lab (USC) since this September. Now we have an interview with him, talking about his research and thoughts on MCLab.

Could you briefly describe yourself and your previous research experience?

I received BS, MS degrees from Inha University in 1995, and 1997, respectively. Then I finished my Ph.D degree from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Aug. 2014. Since December 1996, I joined ETRI and focused on the development of international standards such as Scalable Video Coding (SVC), High Efficient Video Coding (HEVC). Currently, my research interests are video coding, super resolution and parallel computing for realistic broadcasting applications such as 3DTV and UHDTV.

What were your first impression of USC and MCLab?

I just arrived USC this month and not very familiar with the environment. People in the lab are very nice and help me a lot. I met Hyunsuk Ko this Monday. He showed me around the campus and our lab. USC is a very diverse university. People from all over the world come to here for their dreams. It is amazing that happens to meet some Koreans when walking on campus and chats with them, just like at home.  As for Media Communications Lab, it is a big family. Professor Kuo is very warm-hearted to introduce his group to me. I really like his style that treats his students as his children. I feel so lucky to join this group.

What is your future expectation in MCLab?

Actually, this is the second year of the UHDTV collaborative project from ETRI and USC MCLab. For the first year, Dr. Kim worked here and mainly focused on the video coding of UHD dark scene. He finished his part and went back to Korea. My task here is about the fast motion in UHD scene. It is highly related to the human perception of different frame rates. Therefore, we may do some subjective testing first and then based on the result to modify the video coding part. Besides the project, I also want to make more friends here and know more about the country.