Prof. Kuo and Summer He visited the Multimedia Lab of TCL Research America in San Jose ( on Feb. 10th, 2014. The manager of TCL Research America Dr. Haohong Wang hosted the visiting. He introduced to Prof. Kuo the lab, and the research projects and products what there researchers are working on. The current foci of the lab include:

• Video capturing and pre-processing
• Audio and video coding
• Intelligent media analysis
• Video post-processing
• Networked media processing
• QoE based multimedia communications
• 3D graphics rendering
• Stereo and multi-view 3D content creation and processing
• 3DTV technology
• Multimedia applications and services
• Mobile multimedia
• Telepresence and IPTV services
• Universal media access

After that, Prof. Kuo gave a talk on “Recent developments in Visual Saliency Detection and Salient object Segmentation”. The researchers in TCL Research showed their great interests on this topic. They were impressed by the research technology and its high performance. They discussed with Prof. Kuo for details, and further potential applications.