The MCL joined a collaborative project to build a large-scale subjective video quality database. The database was proposed to boost a major breakthrough in video coding and processing. It consists of 220 5-second sequences in four resolutions (i.e., 1920×1080, 1280×720, 960×540 and 640×360). For each of the 880 video clips, we encoded it using the H.264 codec and conducted a large-scale subjective test on the perceptual quality. The dataset is called the “VideoSet”, which is an acronym for “Video Subject Evaluation Test (SET)”. The database are available to the public in the IEEE DataPort.

IEEE DataPort is a valuable and universally accessible repository of datasets serving the growing data needs in both research and industry. The repository is designed to accept all types of datasets, including Big Data datasets up to 2TB, and it provides both downloading capabilities and access to Cloud services to enable data analysis in the Cloud.

We appreciate the help from Dr. K. J. Ray Liu and Melissa Handa in hosting the VidoeSet database.