During past summer, Professor Kuo taught the Entrepreneurship course for summer interns. We are so glad to have presentations on companies from summer interns. Here are interviews with three interns

Yiyue Zhang:
The company I choose to present is the Pokemon Company, which is a joint investment from Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. This company was established in 1998. And it is famous of Pokemon TV series, Pokemon games, and the Pokemon Go App nowadays. The success of Pokemon Go App leads to a significant increase in the company’s stock. I think it is worth for me to investigate how and why this App can attract our attention so quickly and world widely. In this case study, I will introduce about the Pokemon Company, and focus on pros and cons from the success of this App, as well as the future of this company.


The company I plan to introduce today is SenseTime, which is a start-up company focusing on the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Founded in 2014, SenseTime is a young company but grows quickly. So in my entrepreneurship presentation, I would give some background information about SenseTime first as most people are not familiar with it. Then I would introduce some critical people and the core techniques of this company. Finally I would discuss its key to success and potential challenges in the future.


Di Fu:
My Case Study is about Micro-Star International(MSI), a Taiwanese information technology multinational. Initially MSI sell the motherboard as their main product and then extend its market to the garphics card, notepad and pc. Facing the crisis around 2010 the discent of profit on motherboard. MSI  began to change its focus from motherboard to the e-sport and gain great success recently. This case study briefly  introduce MSI, and mainly focus on the reason of success of MSI and future of MSI .