Professor C.-C. Jay Kuo announced a new research focus of MCLab on “Internet of Things (IOT)”. Professor Kuo said that the concept of IOT and some of its implementations had existed for years yet sparsely in isolated areas such as Fedex/UPS mailing systems, smart green building, smart home, etc. The connection between IOT and cloud/distributed computing platform and the emergence of wearable devices make an extensive IOT deployment a reality. Enabling technologies for IOT systems include: sensing (data acquisition), networking (data exchange/aggregation), computing (data analytics), storage (data preservation), control (decision making) and security/privacy of data and systems.

By leveraging on its core competence, MCLab will have emphasis on visual sensors acquired by video and depth cameras and conduct video analytics to recognize people, scene and environment and to understand human emotions, activities, behaviors. These techniques can be applied to effective learning, video surveillance, assistance to blind, automated driving, etc.

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