In November 2014, MCLab has a new visiting scholar, Professor Chenhui Yang. Prof. Yang is Professor at School of Information Science and Technology, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China. We are glad to have an interview with him, talking about his previous research experiences and future expectations at USC.


1. Could you briefly introduce yourself and describe your previous research experience?

I come from Xiamen University (XMU), one of the ten most beautiful universities in China. Before joining XMU in 1995, I received my Bachelor and Master degrees from NUDT (National University of Defense Technology) in 1989 and 1992 respectively, and Ph.D. from Zhejiang University (ZJU). My academic research areas include intelligent multimedia technology and data mining. Specific research topics include video-audio analysis, image recognition, 3D reconstruction, 3D printing, 3D simulation, big data mining and clouding computing. I am also interested in finding computational solution to some problems from other disciplines, such as intelligent transportation and security, bioinformatics, health and medical informatics, smart city, and computational sociology, etc. I also co-founded two start-ups. Though I did not succeed in entrepreneurship, I still have a strong ambition to invent something helpful in the future.


2. What is your first impression of USC and MCLab?

USC is very large and deeply internationalized, considering the diversity of students, faculties, architecture styles and campus culture. What I love most is the interdisciplinary programs and groups. Professor Kuo and the MCLab are world widely famous. I was surprised that MCLab manages to keep thriving while some other academic groups are shrinking in such a tide of financial crisis. Prof. Kuo is one of the best professors I know, who has creative ideas, lasting passion, rich experiences and deep love to his students. All MCLab members are very bright, enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. They are true talents who will contribute to a better world.


3. What is your future expectation and plan in MCLab? ​

I have high expectations on my visit to MCLab and I will try to realize all of them. First, I would like to join a certain subgroup or to start a new research topic in MCLab, aiming to publish one or more top-ranking papers. Second, I would like to learn from Prof. Kuo about how to effectively manage a research group, including seeking for funding and talented students and keeping balance among managing projects, mentoring students and teaching. Third, I would like to maintain a long-term collaboration between MCLab in USC and my HSLab in XMU. Last, I will try my best to make contributions to MCLab as well.