MCLab Director, Professor Jay Kuo, is giving a series of lectures on “entrepreneurship” to its members during the summer time. The content includes the following:

Lecture #1: What is an entrepreneur?

Lecture #2: What do you expect in a “start-up” process?

Lecture #3: Look for “start-up” ideas and be prepared to move

Lecture #4: Innovation and execution

Lecture #5: Build up a strong team

Lecture #6: Marketing and sale

Lecture #7: Local support and globalization

Professor Kuo said that “It is important to equip engineering students with some knowledge in entrepreneurship since they may have a new perspective on their future career path. It is fortunate for me to know many friends who are industrial leaders with strong entrepreneurship spirit. They let me understand the value of technology from the business viewpoint. It is fresh and inspiring. Furthermore, it helps me shape my research agenda. I hope that this series of lectures can be motivating our lab members to look at things from a more diversified angle.”

The first lecture was given in the afternoon of June 19th. It was very well attended.