MCLab provides summer intern position to three 11th grade high school students, Allison, Harry, and Kaiwen. During this summer, they are taking two courses and working on one project, which are listed as following:
Web Analysis and Design (taught by Brian Lan and Becky Qiu) – Hosts on  Tuesday between 2 and 4 pm and Friday from 10 am to 12 pm
Entrepreneurship (taught by Prof Kuo) – Hosts on Thursday from 2 to 4 pm
Project (supervised by Xin Zhang and Weihao Gan) – Get acquainted with Microsoft Kinect system and learn to develop applications based on it
We also have the chance to interview with those three students about their backgrounds and interests.
Allison: I am an incoming senior at Arcadia High School. I am part of my school’s varsity percussion team. It’s really awesome. If you’re interested, I’d be excited to share some videos and tell you what it is we do. I am also currently working as a waitress at Stonefire Grill. I have two cats. My two cats, best friends, and family are the people I hold closest in my heart(: As for academic interests, I’m dabbling in different things in hopes of discovering something I am passionate about.
Harry: I am currently a rising senior at the Harker School in San Jose. I like to study Mathematics and Sciences in the classroom and enjoy swimming and playing water polo in my free time. As an avid student, I plan on continuing to study Computer Science or engineering in college. Outside of school, I also enjoy surfing the web and watching tv shows.
Kaiwen: I’m an incoming senior at Arcadia High School. I’m part of my school’s Math Team and Physics Team  and am president of a club focused on exploring Japanese culture. I’m currently taking mathematics courses at a nearby city college. In my free time, I enjoy novels of all kinds, write poetry, and contemplate philosophy. I’m aiming for a career working with technology, so I plan to major in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.