Four MCL students presented their case studies case studies on successful companies. Their impressive presentations shared fundamental business knowledge and rich experience on technology and business innovations.

De Lan presented HTC Corporation. HTC is a consumer electronics company selling hardware mainly including smart-phones, tablets and VR devices. In early stage, HTC made many great breakthroughs that contribute to today’s smartphone market. In this presentation, He went through HTC’s glorious history and then focused on the comparison of HTC with other mobile phone industry giants and the reason analysis of HTC’s falling in smartphone market, which can be concluded as strong competitors, market loss and vague product positioning. And then he threw the idea that to return glory, HTC should overcome those drawbacks and adjust its marketing strategy to adapt different market environments and grasp the hope of VR business tightly.

Chuanzi He presented Pandora. Pandora, powered by Music Genome Project, is an Internet radio company which feeds you personalized good music. Music Genome Project is Pandora’s secret recipe for maintaining a large group of loyal active users. Based on an algorithm taking into account of your musical taste and more than 450 hand-crafted musicological features or genes, it always manages to make a satisfactory decision on what to play next for you. In her case study, she analyzed the “freedium” business model of Pandora, its struggles with royalties, its competitors and opportunities for Pandora to further branch out.

Eric Hsieh introduced Din Tai Fung Restaurant, which is famous for its steamed dumplings. There are always crowded at the entrance of this restaurant, why is it so attractive to everyone? He helped us to find it out!

Yueru Chen introduced Tencent which is one of the largest internet company in the world. She showed the success of Tencent and then bought one question to audiences, how does Tencent make more money? In Yueru’s opinions, the reason could be explained from two aspects. Firstly Tencent takes the advantages of their accumulated resources, such as money, large customer groups. Also Tencent have wise market strategies, such as targeting at smart phone market and purchasing digital copyrights. After the presentation, some MCL students commented on the infringement act of Tencent.