We are so happy to welcome a senior undergraduate student –Chuanzi He to our lab in 2016 summer. Let us hear what she said about the intern in our group.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself? (Previous research experience, project experience, research interest and expertise)

I am a senior undergraduate from Fudan University, Shanghai. My research experience starts with image processing — single image haze removal algorithm, which is to restore haze-free images from hazy ones. In order to solve one segmentation problem in dehazing, I went to learn more about computer vision and machine learning techniques, which lately became my research interest. They are just so fascinating.

2.What’s your first impression of USC and MCL?

Encountered a fluffy squirrel near EEB the first day I came! This is a lively campus with beautiful architecture. MCL people are nice, insightful and helpful. Really appreciate those carefully-prepared summer courses and all the help they offered. Other summer interns are also helpful and diligent. It is so great that I could spend a whole summer with this group of bright individuals.

3. What’s your future expectation for MCL?

I hope to gain more insights in deep learning architectures and to strengthen my background in visual recognition.