We are so happy to welcome a new summer intern student, Zhilin Lu, in Summer 2017. Let us hear what he said about his research and MCL.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself and your research interests?

I am LU ZHILIN from the department of electronic engineering, Tsinghua, Beijing, and my hometown is Inner Mongolia.

My main research interest is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. And I am interested in Computer Vision and Media Compression as well. These areas can actually form a sort of aggregation and improve one another. AR and VR technology is not that mature so far and there are still many problems to settle both in technology and commerce.

2. What is your impression about MCL and USC?

MCL (Media Communications Lab) is a really wonderful place to join, providing open and passionate research environment.

Professor Kuo is a very kind and wise man and his opinion, like “You can’t be an engineer all along your career” really impressed me a lot. I meet loads of friendly, motivated and skillful seniors here as well and they help me in my research and life greatly.

When it comes to USC, I just want to say it’s really a beautiful school! Great sense of design is everywhere in the whole campus. What’s more, the P.E. and School of Cinematic Arts of USC are both fantastic.

3. What is your future expectation and plan in MCL?

I am leaving on August 12th and I do look forward to improving my research skills and accomplishing some concrete works before that. Besides, I hope that a long-term connection between friends that I make here and me can be made as well.