Prof. Wen-Jiin Tsai began her term as Visiting Scholar in Media Communications Lab since August 2013. She received Ph.D and B.S. degrees in Computer Science from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). Since 2011, Prof. Wen-Jiin Tsai has been an Associate Professor in NCTU. She took the time to answer some questions about her research.

Could you share your research experience and interest with us?

Before joining NCTU, I have eight years working experience in the industry. I was a senior manager of software department in Zinwell Corporation, and I was in charge of software development for digital TV receivers, which include receiving satellite, cable and terrestrial signals. However, because of family issue, I decided to move to NCTU as an Assistant Professor in 2005, and I became an Associate Professor later in 2011. My research interests include video codec, video streaming, digital TV, and video analysis. In addition, I also teach Digital TV system design and some undergraduate courses in Computer Science department.

During your time as a visiting scholar in MCL, what has been the focus of your work?

Continued from my research field, my research topic here is “perceptual lossless HD/UHD video coding”, which is the same one with another visiting scholar, Dr. Kim. The objective of this project is to amplify the coding efficiency and perceptual quality during compression, so that viewers can receive best visual quality under fixed constraint.

Besides, a graduate student, Qin Huang, in MCL that worked with me in this project has caught my attention; he is responsible and hard-working; I am impressed by his attitude and dedication toward the task assigned to him. It is a great experience to work with such a high-quality student, and I am also amazed by the student’s quality in MCL.

Thank you for your time. In the end, is there anything to say about our lab?

MCL hosts a seminar every Friday, and Prof. Kuo shares his experience and ideas before the seminar starts. Those sharing topics are quite diverse but really valuable, and I have learned a lot from his talk. In addition, there are so many well-prepared and high-quality presentations by the students in MCL; it is such a pleasant experience to work and discuss research with them. Although my visiting ends in June this year, I hope I have more opportunities to continue the collaboration with MCL in the future.