Moving from HD to Ultra HD (UHD) has become a trend in the display industry as UHDTV systems can provide better user experience such as stronger sensations of reality and superior picture quality. In SMPTE 2013 symposium, it is forecasted that the shipments of UHDTV sets are expected to reach four million units by 2017.

Act as one of the leading groups in video processing research, MCL lab is currently one of the pioneers in exploring UHD video processing technology. The lab has setup a UHD display with high performance playback system. The purpose of the system is to provide the playback of 4K UHD (i.e., 3840×2160 resolution) raw video data in real-time: 60 frame/sec at minimum and up to 120 frames/sec. Besides, to address the concern that a lack of native UHD contents will limit the research, a professional UHD acquisition system will also be available in the lab soon. We expect that this UHD system can help us create more research topics and produce more UHD contents for the researchers who are interested in the technology of video processing.

The UHD system in MCL lab:

  • Acquisition: Sony 4K professional handheld camcorder
  • Display: 65” Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
  • Playback: High performance Dell Precision workstation supporting 4K raw video playback up to 120 FPS