Kevin Wang is a freshman in the Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) Program at USC. He is fascinated by computer graphics and has strong curiosity about academic research. He joined Media Communications Las recently. The following is an interview with him about himself and his thoughts.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Kevin Wang, a first year undergraduate in the USC CECS program. I am interested in the software engineering track of my major. I am currently in a preliminary stage of developing an app with a couple of other students. I also enjoy playing tennis and going adventures in LA.

2. What was your first impression of USC and Media Communications Lab?

As a freshman, I am open-minded to embrace various opportunities presented by USC. Since USC is a prominent research-focused school, I want to take advantage of it. The Media Communications Lab is ideal for me to get hands-on research experience. By working on graphics and visual quality assessment tasks, I will be able to get deeper understanding of computer science while participating in important research.

3. What makes you want to know more about research and decide to join Media Communications Lab?

In the very deep of my heart, I desire to conduct a research project of my own sometime in the near future. I want to hone my skills on discovering new possibilities in computer science. I decided to join Media Communications Lab because it provides the best opportunities to ease my way into research.

4. What do you want to learn from working with Media Communications Lab members?

I am interested in understanding methodologies behind conducting research in a professional field. As the first year student, I want to understand what it is like to explore new technology fields. By working and studying with the guidance of experienced lab members, I will have a comprehensive understanding of scientific research.

5. Do you have any further expectation in your college life?

I want to explore possible research opportunities, and possibly design a project of my own. I am currently involved in the ACM Club and wish to complete a few different types of projects before I graduate.