We are so happy to welcome a new senior high school student – Matthew Tran to our lab in summer. Let us hear what he said about the intern in our group.

Q1: Could you briefly introduce yourself? (Previous research/project experience, research interest and expertise)

A1: I’m Matthew Tran and I will be a senior in high school in the Bay Area. I am interested in majoring in computer science. Although high school does not provide much research opportunities, I have done multiple projects that range from computer science and robotics to video production. I am interested to participate in research opportunities that involve web design and computer graphics.


Q2: What was your first impression of USC and MCL?

A2: USC is a great place to start my foundation in advanced engineering concepts. No matter what the major, it is an amazing place that provides opportunities to everyone. Everyone seems to have a drive to learn new things.

MCL has provided me with opportunities to learn concepts that my high school does not teach. It’s a great place to get a head start and see how what I learn can be applied into real life situations. The people at MCL are also very welcoming and help me feel comfortable in class, despite the age disparity.


Q3: What drove you to join MCL?

A3: I heard about MCL from Dr. Kuo, who provided me with my internship. I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to take classes that graduate students would take. The internship provides me with hands on experience, while also giving me a feel of how college life is like.


Q4: What is your further expectation of being an MCL member?

A4: I am very excited to learn new things during my five-week stay at USC. I hope to build a strong foundation in the subjects I am taking, and later apply them to real life experiences. Once again, thank you to Dr. Kuo and USC for providing me this internship, and I look forward to working with my labmates.