Zhi Tong graduated as a master student from USC in May 2013. He worked as a research assistant at MCL from May 2013 to May 2015. He decided to go back to his home country and he recently got an offer from Changjiang Securities, one of the top 10 securities companies in China. Congratulations to Zhi! We got new year greetings from Zhi to all group members. We had an interview with him.

Q: Can you briefly introduce your current work, e.g., your responsibility, position, etc.?
A: My current role is a product manager at Changjiang Securities. My responsibility is designing transactions and management systems for prime brokers (e.g. private equity and trust companies), capital management and proprietary trading.

Q: What makes you stand out among other candidates applying for the same position?
A: First, good manners. It can give interviewee a good impression. Second, out-going characteristic. It shows you can communicate with colleagues effectively and suit for teamwork. Third and most importantly, clear logic, the ability to analyze problems and define problems.

Q: How’s the learning experience in USC and MCL differentiate you from your colleagues in your company?
A: I think when we are doing research with professor Kuo, we learn how to analyze problems and define problems. Such abilities are crucial and desired no matter what field you are in or what job you have. Second, good math and knowledge of machine learning. Recently, my boss is interested in using machine learning techniques to predict certain performances of stocks. Good thing for me is that only I can do it in my team.

Q: Can you share your job hunting experience in China ? Do you have any suggestions for group members who want to hunt for jobs in China after graduation?
A: First, I want to say open your mind when seeking a job. Your major is your strength, not your shackle. Don’t limit yourself to software engineering. There are many opportunities or even better opportunities in other fields. Second, networking, networking and networking!(In China, we repeat important things for three times) Third, personality is equally important as capabilities. When two candidates with same capabilities apply for a job, the person with charming personality wins.