Young Ju Jeong, a MCL member, has passed her defense on Feb 16, 2016. Congratulations!

Her dissertation title is “Autostereoscopic 3D Display Rendering from Stereo Sequences”. Rapid developments in 3D display technologies have enabled consumers to enjoy 3D environments in an increasingly immersive manner through various display systems such as stereoscopic, multiview, and light field displays. Sufficient 3D contents for various display systems play important role for further commercial viability of 3D display products. The common 3D content, however, is only stereo sequences for 3D stereoscopic displays and it is not guaranteed that the stereo sequences are well calibrated. 3D display rendering algorithm is a key to generating 3D contents from the conventional stereo sequences. In this dissertation we investigate 3D display rendering framework for various type 3D display systems from conventional stereo contents.

Young Ju gave a nice talk with clarity and smooth flow. The Committee was impressed by her high quality research work and results. About her future plan, she wants to generate real like 3D displays which enables us to enjoy wonderful 3D world through conventional devices such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops. When talking about her success in her research work, Young Ju shares her experience with us. She thinks that she couldn’t continue her PhD about 9 years ago and she almost gave up to finish it. However, she could resume PhD again because of others’ help and eventually she can pass the defense exam. She really appreciates for the help and support especially for Prof. Kuo’s sincere guidance.