In spring 2016, MCL welcomes a new lab member, Chen Liang. We had an short interview with her.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself? (Previous research experience, project experience, research interest and expertise)
I am an undergraduate student at USC studying Electrical Engineering at Viterbi school of Engineering and Game animation at School of Cinematic Art. I joined MCL in January 2016.

2. What’s your first impression of USC and MCL?
Every group member is ambitious and passionate about what he or she is doing. MCL is recently researching on a state of art topic in image processing — CNN.
This topic is newly rising and has a lot to explore; Therefore, MCL members are all curiously exploring the potential possibilities by using this method and striving to get new insight into it.

3. What’s your future expectation for MCL?
I expect more academic communications among group members.