MCL held a semester-end dinner on Apr. 27 for the closure of Spring 2018. This is also a farewell party for MCL upcoming graduates, Siyang Li, Haiqiang Wang, and Eric Hsieh. The following is from the talk given by our graduates.

Saying: I would like to thank Prof. Kuo’s guidance during these years, and thank all support from MCL family. Studying in MCL and USC would be priceless memory in my life. My suggestion for young generations is that PhD program may be long, but starting doing research as early as possible is essentially important for the whole program. Also, balancing life and work is good for long-term productivity.

Haiqiang: I would like to thank all MCL members. Hope the junior students in MCL can keep our traditions of being friendly and helpful. We learning thinking methods and skills here, and we also learn to offer help here. This is one of the shining points of MCL family.

Eric: I really appreciate the chance here in MCL to work with different people on variant research topics, and I really enjoy participating in MCL routine work for MCL big family. Hope we can keep in touch in long term.

The semester-end dinner and farewell party will become a new MCL tradition. Wish all the best to our new graduates! Fight on!