Dr. Xinfeng Zhang and Dr. Chao Yang are currently Postdoctoral Research Fellows at the MCL. They will complete their one-year stay and go back to China at the end of October.

Dr. Xinfeng Zhang received his PhD degree from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences while Dr. Chao Yang received his PhD degree from Shanghai University. They are both experts in video coding. They joined the MCL in November 2017 and participated in two industrial projects: “Perceptual Video Coding based on Visual Attention Mechanism” (sponsored by Huawei) and “Joint Image Coding and Visual Understanding” (sponsored by Netflix, Tencent and Mediatek). They have done an excellent job in both projects, which leads to two journal papers under review.

MCL Director, Dr. C.-C. Jay Kuo, said that “It is our great pleasure to have Dr. Zhang and Dr. Yang to be around in our lab for the last year. They have made very important contributions. I do wish them the very best in their future career development.”

Dr. Xinfeng Zhang said that “It is a wonderful year for me in MCL, which is a prestigious research lab but also a family with love. I appreciate Prof. Kuo very much for the professional advices in my research, the strong support for my faculty job applications and the sincere guidance for life and career.  Moreover, I am very pleased to know all of the MCL members and become friends with you. Especially, thank Prof. Li, Dr. Yang, Haiqiang for the good research cooperation, and thank Bing Li and Bin Wang for the helps in my life of USC. Thanks, and best wishes for our MCL members!”

And Dr. Chao Yang said that “It’s a great honor to be here working in MCL with so many nice people, MCL is not only a lab but also a big family to me. Prof. Kuo has given me many professional advices and helped me to improve myself. And I’d also like to thank Dr. Zhang, Prof. Li, Dr. Li and many other friends for their kindness help. It’s very difficult to say goodbye to MCL, and I do wish all our MCL members a bright future.”