We are so happy to welcome a new visiting Student, Teru Nagamori, joining MCL this fall. Here is a quick interview with Teru:

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself and your research interests?

I’m Teru Nagamori from Japan. I’m a master’s student at Tokyo Metropolitan University in Tokyo, Japan, and I’m visiting MCL for a month as a short-term exchange student. My research interest is to protect machine learning (ML) models from exploitation and to preserve personal visual information (e.g. human’s face, car license plate) on images used for training and testing ML models. These fields are called access control and privacy-preserving.
Also, I’ve worked at a company as a software engineer intern for a year and a few months, so I like to develop web services with Python, Vue, React, and so on.

2. What is your impression about MCL and USC?

First of all, I felt USC’s campus is so huge and beautiful. I wanted to spend the rest of my master’s program on this campus. I also felt MCL is a good environment too. Members are so kind, and each research is so interesting. While I’m staying here, I would like to take a bunch of knowledge and use it for my research when I return to Japan.

3. What is your future expectation and plan in MCL?

I have just a month to stay here, so what I can do is limited. So, I’ll research face recognition with encrypted images to expand my research. In addition, I would like to know many things from other members about not only things related to research but also culture and so on through having lunch or hanging out with them.