Congratulations to Xuejing Lei for passing her defense. Xuejing’s thesis is titled “Green Image Generation and Label Transfer Techniques.” Her Dissertation Committee includes Jay Kuo (Chair), Antonio Ortega, and Aiichiro Nakano (Outside Member). The Committee members praised Xuejing’s novel contributions and her excellent presentation. Many thanks to our lab members for participating in her rehearsal and providing valuable feedback. MCL News team invited Xuejing for a short talk on her thesis and PhD experience, and here is the summary. We thank Xuejing for her kind sharing, and wish her all the best in the next journey. A high-level abstract of Xuejing’s thesis is given below:

”We designed several generative modeling solutions for texture synthesis, image generation, and image label transfer. Unlike deep-learning-based methods, Our developed generative methods address small model sizes, mathematical transparency, and efficiency in training and generation. We first presented an efficient and lightweight solution for texture synthesis, which can generate diverse texture images given one exemplary texture image. Then, we proposed a novel generative pipeline named GenHop and reformulated it to improve its efficiency and model sizes, yielding our final Green Image generation method. To demonstrate the generalization ability of our generative modeling concepts, we finally adapt it to an image label transfer task and propose a method called Green Image Label Transfer for unsupervised domain adaptation. ”

Xuejing shared her Ph.D. experience at MCL as follows :

I would like first to express my gratitude to Prof. Kuo for his guidance, patience, and unwavering support throughout this journey. His attitude and passion for research have been invaluable to my growth and success. We have been exploring new directions in this field. Since there were few works we could refer to, I experienced a difficult time when Prof. Kuo asked me to tangle this problem initially. Prof. Kuo kept encouraging me to work hard and discussing possible solutions with me. We would not have reached the current green image generation pipeline without his persistence. I also want to thank all my committee members for their constructive feedback and the time dedicated to my work. The support I received from labmates, friends, and family in all its forms has been invaluable and will always be remembered with deep gratitude.