We are so happy to welcome a new Ph.D. student, Fenxiao Chen, in Fall 2017. Let us hear what she said about her research and MCL.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself? (Previous research experience, project experience, research interest and expertise)
I worked on Cloud Computing and distributed systems before. I interned at Berkeley National Lab on DNA k-mer assembly and Artigen Corp on natural language processing.

2. What’s your first impression of USC and MCL?
First impression of USC is that it’s a school that welcomes a great range of diversity. MCL is the largest research group I have seen so far in the EE department. I like the researching environment that is not only encouraging but also inspiring.

3. What’s your future expectation for MCL?
I hope I can develop more expertise on natural language processing and deep learning. With the help of MCL I wish to bring my own contribution as well.